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International Bioacoustics Council (IBAC)

X IBAC Symposium







Florac, France, 16-20 September 1987

Organised by
Claude Chappuis

Held at Florac, Parc des Cevennes.





Wednesday, 16 September 1987

Meet at Nimes


Thursday, 17 September 1987

Excursion to the Camargue


Friday, 18 September 1987

0945 opening of the Symposium

1000 The vocalisations of the Edible Frog (Rana esculenta), Marsh Frog (R ridibunda) and Iberian Marsh Frog (R perezi) compared. JF Burton

1100 Le Declenchement des Appels chez la Rainette Meridionale [Film] M Paillette

1130 Structure of acoustic signals in the genus Alytes in Portugal: Alytes obstetricans loscai and A cisternasii EG Crespo, E Oliveira, H Rosa & M Paillette

1500 Illustrations sonores et discussion de quelques types d'imitation pratiquees par les oiseaux. JC Roché

1530 Experiences from stereo sound recordings S. Wahlstrom

1645 Le Bruant zizi et sa syntax (Emberiza cirlus). M. Kreutzer

1730 Vocalisations of Sterna vittata [Poster]: A. Gebauer

2100 'Le paradox des empereurs' [Film by P. Jouventin] V. Bretagnolle

2145 Presentation of recordings. V. Neuvonen


Saturday 19 September 1987

0930 The acoustic repertoire in the genus Meriones (Rodentia, Gerbils) and its value in systematics P Bridelace

0945 The phylogeny of Cercopithecus (Primates, Cercopothecinae) deduced from their vocalisations. J.P. Gautier

1045 Approche acoustique de la taxomonie chez les Pêtrels. V. Bretagnolle

1115 Geographical variation in some African bird songs. [Poster] R. Stjernstedt

1430 Report about the new journal Bioacoustics R Kettle

1500 Porteuse et FM dans les cris de detresse d'oiseux J C Bremond & T Aubin

1645 Individualisation de la Becasse (Scolopax rusticola) par la cri et consequences C Chappuis

1715 Presentation of recordings of several races of Zosterops pallidus of Southern Africa D Watts.

2100 'Le retour des Vautours', 'Le bal des charognards' [Films] M Terrasse


Sunday 20 September 1987

Morning excursion: Tarn gorge (Griffon vulture colony)



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